Tuesday, 30 April 2013

New workshop program to be released

As my first series of workshops at Blackwood Hills Baptist Church draws to a close, I am merrily planning the next series! We have had such a great time over the past couple of months, and I am very excited to be planning the next group of workshops. If you have any feedback or requests, please let me know...otherwise I'll just have to choose some more of my favourites - hee hee hee!
Hoping that the new Workshop program will be released in mid-May.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Summit - open day Monday 22nd April

Currently getting ready for The Summit Community Centre's open day tomorrow (Monday 22nd April). It will be a great day, with lots of activities, information and displays between 10am and 2pm, with a particular emphasis on Seniors information and activities in Norton Summit and surrounding district.
I have signed up as a tutor, and I will have having a display of papercraft workshops.
There will be a new program released for term 2, and you can sign up for my paper class sessions (and many other courses!) while you are there. 
Pop in and say hello!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Norton Summit Expo - 22nd April

Come and say Hello at the Norton Summit Seniors Open Day, at The Summit Community Centre, on Monday 22nd April.
I have signed up as a tutor, and I will have having a display of papercraft workshops at the Open Day Expo.
They will have lots of information, demonstrations and displays about activities at The Summit, and a highlight of information and activities for Seniors.
You can sign up for the new term of workshops while you are there!
More details to follow...

Friday, 5 April 2013

Hunting around the Hills

A few days late loading them up, but the Kaszazz specials for April are now available (check tab above). 
I am heading out today to investigate facilities to hire in the Stirling area, as I am hunting around the Hills for a meeting hall (or similar) to hold paper craft workshops. Hoping to look at facilities around Norton Summit area in the next few weeks as well.
Traveling through the Adelaide Hills in autumn - just lovely!!!